Richard A. Howerton Properties & Development, Inc. is a developer of top quality facilities, which have been designed and built to meet the specific needs of each of our tenants. Our specialty is designing "Build-To-Suit" and "Lease" facilities. We are able to provide fast track facility design and construction, utilizing our in-house engineering services, combined with our extensive construction experience. We have proven our record of performance with over 550 million square feet of facilities designed, constructed and occupied by the tenant on time or ahead of schedule. In addition, we have another 556,000 square feet of redeveloped industrial warehouse space.

Our goal is the satisfaction of our tenants. We accomplish this through careful site selection, custom design, quality construction, assistance with move-in and timely response to maintenance and repair. We provide professional maintenance services as requested by the tenant. Such services as lawn care, trash disposal and snow removal are often provided.

With a record of commercial "Build-To-Suit" and "Lease" projects, we have developed a pragmatic approach to our projects and are prepared to resolve the difficulties often encountered in construction before they become problems. We know that numerous minor details are overlooked and are unknown at the beginning of a project and we include those little things that finish the job.

We feel the best recommendation we can receive comes from our tenants. Their satisfaction is demonstrated through repeat business with us.

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